Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Peel Tower Lino Print

Garage opposite the Station

Prestwich SuperMarket,,few years ago Whitaker Lane

Back yard at ours,Grosvenor Street 

Wam and Legion,before they buggered the paint work up
Bury Old Road

Back of our house.Grosvenor St.

front of our house, bloody bins and vans
Grosvenor Street
 walking to the dentist,Whitaker Lane
Bury Old Road from Heaton Park

Going to work,James's old studio

coming home from work,stairs of tram

Royal Oak Whitaker Lane

Going to work up the ginnel

going to work again

coming back from the doctors

Chip shop of trouble becomes a nail parlour

from the kitchen window 

Whitaker Lane

Art Gallery Brass band man

Liberal Club Bury New Road

Bury Old Road from Heaton Park 2

Chip Shop of trouble Whitaker Lane

Whitaker Lane

Royal Oak again Whitaker Lane

St.Hildas Whitaker Lane

going to work Heaton Park Tram

Back of our house..Mary being adventurous

Dead Poodle Parlour Bury Old Road

Railway and Naturalist Bury New Road

View from Staff room

View from staff room again

Art Picture House before it got done up and now looks no different

Beware Idiots

Waiting to go home on Tram

Picture House from crossing

another view from staff room

view from a class room

Bury Parish Church

typical view sat on tram waiting to go home

Yet another view from the staff room 

Bloke in the Sculpture Centre

The Clarence

Builders at the Met

View from the Met

same time as the Clarence
Another bloody view from the Staff room
White Lion from the Angel
Back of work..Scraper board
the Knowsley from the staff room

Parish Church
View from Sculpture Centre