Saturday, 4 February 2017

Sort of Sketchbook still lifes

Hilary Jack exhibition at Sculpture Centre last year, Plastic blue bag is made out of bronze.
I hate sitting in the  Sculpture Centre


Hilary Jack shack

art tools when the Met had a refit we were given license to go round and sketch,
This cordial bottle on the top floor dated back to the 50's

Parkview dentist visit..I hate the dentist

All the Shapes Prestwich

Our Bloody Cats


Sat on the sink whilst Captain Beefheart plays

staring at the other two in disgust

On a rare night in gracing us with his presence
Not a lot to say about Eric, one word ..dense


oh and ..pretty

Feral Kitten


Arrogant little madame on kitchen surface

The artists muse
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