Friday 5 May 2017

Bury Art Week at Bury Art Museum for Bury Hospice

last week was a bit hectic helping put up Bury Art Week at work and being featured Artist of the year. The opening was great ,with friends turning up to support and I sold a couple,including the large one,however things have come to an abrupt halt since last Saturday when I had a freak accident with a shopping trolley in Tescos. 2 operations on my shoulder later and I'm laid off work for four weeks at least,and yes it is my drawing arm
View from Staff room ..sold

Royal Oak near home

going along Portland St, to meet the Maddogs

Another one of the White Lion

Passing Ducie Bridge on the way home,sold
Mary in Carolyn's yard, sold

Corrie on new Salford Site on a sunny Sunday

Rambos  Northern Quarter

Salford Lads Club and Britons Protection were done for Exhibition
although I sold them before hand

Monday 17 April 2017

3 Sketchbooks on the go at the moment


     Away in the Pennines  




This town could be ace.Top chippy and Health food shop


Farm buildings near where we stayed
with bricked up windows and doors

Bit of a hike from the car to Windy Hall,
a very ace Air Bn'B

Outside the kitchen all the time along with other birds like
Woodpeckers and Nuthatches

People of Bury

Part of an internet challenge thing last month 
draw a 100 people in 5 days.
I started it on the 3rd day by mistake

 Knowsley Day Out


Rambo's, Northern Quarter
Springtime, St.Peter's Square
Old Cornerhouse

Bury and Prestwich

going to work on a spring Saturday Morning,,the town hall is behind the blossom

looking out the bedroom window on a Saturday night